‘I personally feel the most comfortable I’ve felt in an NHL locker room’: Simmonds has the Maple Leafs’ back, and they have his

Wayne Simmonds has been through a lot in his NHL career, but in Toronto, he’s as comfortable as ever.
Entering an NHL locker room is never easy. Coming in as a brand new player, you want to fit in with as many players as possible.
You don’t want to rock the boat.
On Monday, though, we witnessed how tight-knit this Maple Leafs group really is.
After the recent racist events that transpired in the last week to both Boko Imama and Jordan Subban, Maple Leafs captain, John Tavares addressed it after practice on Monday.
“Before I take any questions, I just want to say a few things just on the few racial incidents that have happened in our game over the last little while,” said Tavares before any reporter asked a question. “I think it’s really important to acknowledge the I think the recognition steps that have been taken over the last little while to improve eliminating racism in our game.
“But obviously, we have a lot of work to do with learning and discussion and understanding and how we can continue to apply that and make a difference. Just continue to make our game better and that much more inclusive, so I just thought it was important to acknowledge that today — somethin …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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