It was 3-1. Toronto Maple Leafs complete late comeback over Edmonton Oilers

So this is what it’s like being on the other side of a late game collapse against a divisional rival.
After a night spent out-chancing the Edmonton Oilers, and ringing more posts than an Amazon driver rings doorbells, the Toronto Maple Leafs erased a 3-1 deficit with under eight minutes remaining in the game to win 4-3 in overtime.
After a quiet first period that saw no goals or penalties, Pierre Engvall opened the scoring in the second period by not punching in a goal. Initially it was ruled no goal due to a hand pass, but the replay showed that despite reaching out, Engvall’s glove never made contact with the puck.

Off Mike Smith’s head!
— Omar (@TicTacTOmar) March 28, 2021

The next period and a half was spent watching McDavid and Draisaitl do things that only McDavid and Draisaitl can do (which may or may not include putting up multiple points in a loss). With ex-Leaf Tyson Barrie extending the Oilers lead to two, it seemed like Toronto’s grasp on the North Division lead was about to further slip.
Instead, John Tavares decided to show why he’s the Captain and …

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Author: Filipe Dimas / The Leafs Nation

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