It’s a Good Thing the Blue Jays didn’t Trade Alejandro Kirk, as he’s the Best Catcher in Baseball

If I’m being completely honest, I probably wouldn’t trade Alejandro Kirk for Jose Ramirez straight up.

Before the start of the season, I wrote an article titled “The case against trading Alejandro Kirk”. In that article, I go over what the 23-year-old catcher excels at, why he’s so good at hitting, the fact he’s average defensively, and why Moreno’s potential shouldn’t push Kirk to the wayside.
One comment read: 
“You can’t be serious about keeping Kirk over Moreno are you? Moreno given half a season could replace anyone of our current Catchers. CLE will want a few roster players and some future talent in any package. They are giving up a lot of proven production  by trading Ramirez so they will want some back in any deal.”
Well, I can say without a doubt, thank god the Jays didn’t trade Kirk.
Kirk’s hitting is better than expected:
Even when Kirk was “struggling” early in the season, he still hit the ball rather well. It just so happened that he wasn’t hitting for extra bases, as he hit 14 singles before his first extra base hit.
Fast forward to June 8th, and the 23-year-old catcher is slashing .322/.401/.477 (I used his SLG this time, don’t yell at me) with five homers in 172 plate appearances. His wRC+ of 153 is the 16th highest in the MLB and the best on the Blue Jays, with Springer’s 140 in second.

Here’s the hardest hit ball that left the yard yesterdayAlejandro Kirk off Dylan Bundy 110.1 mph, 21°Home Run #NextLevel
— MLB Barrels (@mlb_barrels) June 6, 2022

Not just that, but Kirk has a BB% of 12.2% and a K% of 9.3%, which is utter …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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