It’s in the Leafs best interest to find a fit for Nick Ritchie

I feel like this article is begging to be met with sunk cost fallacy responses, even if it is remarkably premature. After four games of Nick Ritchie, I pleaded for the need for Leafs fans to be patient with him and for the Leafs to find a role better suited to Ritchie’s talents. Now here we are nine games later and Ritchie is still barely functioning, this time in a fourth line role and not many fans are singing his praises. Still, I feel there is benefit in taking some time to make Ritchie work, even if all he’s given us in his first 13 games is frustration and further evidence that the Leafs were right to select William Nylander ahead of Ritchie in the draft.
The scoresheet evidence that we have that Nick Ritchie is a Leaf is limited to one assist so far. A secondary assist on a Michael Bunting powerplay goal. That probably serves as another interesting tidbit in the summary of Ritchie’s struggles, and that’s despite his inability to produce offence he’s still cemented to the second powerplay unit. At 5v5, Ritchie has only been on the ice for one goal for …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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