It’s looking like the last chance for the Leafs to try to fleece Jim Benning

Opportunities like having Jim Benning as a rival GM come along…well…fairly frequently. The NHL doesn’t have the best track record for housing competent GMs as everything in the Leafs history between the first go of Cliff Fletcher and the arrival of Lou Lamoriello proves (to avoid arguments I’m giving Lou a passing grade here.) Still, Jim Benning seems to especially struggle in his role and has for a while, and shockingly it finally seems like he’s down to making one or two final moves to save his job otherwise he’ll be refocusing his efforts on applying for the Chicago or Anaheim vacancies soon enough. That one last deal is one that the Leafs should be trying to pursue, as it catches Vancouver in a very vulnerable spot.

All I ask if that the Canucks give Benning his Koskinen contract moment.
— jon (@SteitzerJon) November 18, 2021

While everything about Vancouver’s situation speaks to them needing to regroup, identify who their core is, and prepare for getting on track a year or two down the road, that is in no way the case if you are Jim Benning. Success now is what is required to save his …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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