It’s not ONE thing that will fix the Leafs

Trade Marner.
Trade Andersen.
Fire Dubas.
Hire Boudreau.
Sign Pietrangelo.
None of these one things are the answer. Hell, if you did all of those things you might still be looking at a Leafs team that needs a lot of work. Now, I’m also not saying that some of those things shouldn’t be done, but we’ll deal with that another time.
Some of what needs to be changed goes beyond the roster, and the front office, and needs to occur on the ice. And some of it has carried over from the Mike Babcock era to the Sheldon Keefe era.
Predictability of attack
It seems like in the shortest of film sessions it is entirely possible to determine what the Leafs attack looks like. Someone posts up on the half boards, another goes low for puck retrieval, while the third forward makes half-hearted attempts to crash the net. All the while one solid defenseman plays catch with a less capable partner on the point, often leading to a weak wrist shot attempt and hopes of a rebound or deflection, but instead often results in soft bounce off the chest protector of the goaltender.
Now …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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