It’s probably time to send Rasmus Sandin down

I’m assuming this is something that no one wants to hear. I’m also assuming that sending Sandin down when Martin Marincin is sitting right there isn’t something that agrees with you, but hear me out. There’s some reasoning behind this, and it’s not the usual, “if you are only going to play him 10 minutes a night” nonsense either. Playing 10 minutes a night in the NHL is probably a lot better for Sandin than playing 20 minutes a night in the AHL. The bigger issue is those 10 minutes a night haven’t gone particularly well.
I went into this year wanting to view how Sandin does, game by game, and the results are below…
data from, game 54 xGF% should read 48.12
A few takeaways from this is the number of different partners Sandin has had over the season. He’s played a lot with Ceci, Barrie, and Liljegren under Sheldon Keefe, and primarily Marincin and Holl under Babcock. At no point was he given the chance to play with Dermott, Rielly, or Muzzin in a significant way, but that’s not really surprising given that …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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