It’s time to let go of the 2019-20 Season

It’s not often one gets to say that Drew Doughty is right, but he’s probably right today.

From Drew Doughty: “I don’t see how this season is going to return.”
He also doesn’t think much of the idea of hockey being played in August. “I think it would be tough to do that. It would affect next season.”
— lisa dillman (@reallisa) April 13, 2020
While I appreciate any attempts people may be making at optimism for hockey coming back soon, Doughty is right. Presumably it’s going to take until June before life in anyway begins returning to normal, where shops and restaurants open, travel bans lifted, and at best sports are allowed to be played inside of empty arenas. So assuming that happens in June, and all players traveling back to their teams will still require a couple weeks of quarantine, well, maybe brief camps can open up by late June.
Assuming there is no attempt to playing regular season games, we’ll see July and August spent on the post season. We’ll be treated to a September condensed offseason, featuring the draft, free …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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