It’s time to talk about Mike Babcock

Is it too early to talk about firing Mike Babcock? I think for a lot of you frustrated by game seven and new to questioning the coaching of Mike Babcock, you might want to unpack things a bit more before you decide where you truly stand. For the Babcock true believers, well, this post probably isn’t for you at all, but the bone I will repeatedly throw you is that Mike Babcock is a good coach, Mike Babcock has been an important part of turning the Leafs around, and if we were assessing Mike Babcock on whether he’s done anything that is would make this a for cause firing, we wouldn’t be able to find it. What I am saying is that Mike Babcock is not the coach that moves the Leafs forward.

I feel it’s important for me to establish I’m not kicking dirt because the Leafs lost Game 7. In fact, the Bruins are a very good team, and right up until Game 7 it was one of the most enjoyable series of hockey I’ve watched in a long time.  What I am saying is that the onus was on Mike Babcock to prove …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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