Jack Campbell could end up starting both tonight and tomorrow night

Like anyone on a Friday, everyone is asking Sheldon what he’s up to this weekend. For some reason, he’s being weird and cagey about it, like he’s got something to hide about his plans this weekend. Specifically, he’s not revealing which goaltender will start Saturday night’s game. Here was his quote from today:

Full quote from Keefe on goalie plan for Saturday: “We’re going to focus on today. Jack’s going to play today. We have a plan, of course, but we’re holding until we have all the information before the next game that we’re just going to focus on tonight’s game.” https://t.co/MPnrDxrmlV
— David Alter (@dalter) November 12, 2021

We know that Jack Campbell is getting the nod for this evening’s tilt against Calgary, but for tomorrow’s game against Buffalo, all we know is that they “have a plan”.
With Joseph Woll backing up Campbell in Petr Mrazek’s absence due to a re-aggravated groin injury, it was assumed that he would get his first NHL start on Saturday. And that could very well still be the case. But with Keefe acting like my relationships in my early 20’s and refusing to commit, …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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