Joonas Donskoi would provide the Leafs offensive depth at a reasonable price

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been labelled an offensive juggernaut, but looking down their depth chart and they appear much more like a top-heavy carousel that might topple over without the proper support.
Of course you cannot avoid the upper talent of John Tavares, Auston Matthews, etc., but when it comes to stars within this league, they only play a portion of the game. Leaving about one-third of the game to the bottom two forward lines — for a team to be successful and pressure the competition in any available minutes that they can, that would lead to more wins. Everybody wants more wins.
It’s an extremely broad look at how a lineup is constructed, but beyond Kadri and Kapanen, the Leafs have four forwards that are just simply there when it comes to their on-ice production. Frederik Gauthier is a good story but not an NHL-calibre centre, Nik Petan looked solid late last season, but hasn’t been with the Leafs long enough to truly get a grasp on what he is, Trevor Moore looked amazing but in limited ice-time, while Patrick Marleau and likely Connor Brown won’t be in Toronto to start next season.
If the 2019 playoffs …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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