Justin Smoak, the most underrated Blue Jay?

It’s not always a bad thing to be forgettable. Not necessarily being the most memorable player can make it easy to slip under someone’s radar and be considered undervalued.
Since every single transaction or discussion about a team’s management is about player value, having a player that is worth considerably more than what they take up on the payroll or on the roster, is seen in a positive light.
Justin Smoak’s 2019 has cemented the 32-year-old as an undervalued player, but an increasingly important one in these offensively-dire days for the Blue Jays.
Of course this has been known in general to all Jays fans, but Smoak has been even more impressive in this young season. He’s one of the only consistent batters that this team can rely on to provide some offence and has been for the past couple of years, but his current performance is one of the bright spots looking down this lineup.
There isn’t many of them, but Smoak’s steady production can be another reason to tune in for some mediocre Blue Jays baseball. The living antithesis of a flashy player, he will most likely gain interest from people who …

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Author: Thomas Williams / Blue Jays Nation

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