Kawhi’s buzzer-beater ends the Sixers in Game 7; Raptors win 92-90

In a perfect turn of events, the Raptors won Game 7 against the Sixers on a last second shot by their best player, Kawhi Leonard. Literally unbelievable. The Raptors only had to win. They didn’t have to win with grace, or aplomb, or anything approaching beauty. They just had to have more points than the Philadelphia 76ers after 48 minutes of Game 7 action; the whole team could then bundle up their collective performance as one more memory. Even if the Raptors decided to all shoot terribly, even if it looked at times like they would never hit another three, even when Philly took the lead — especially then — none of it mattered, if they could hold on until the end.
That Toronto’s Game 7 win would come on a buzzer-beating shot from Kawhi Leonard, a long two on the baseline that bounced and hung on the rim for what felt like a million years, was just perfect poetry. It was magic the universe seemed to draw up just for the Raptors and the city of Toronto. The other 47.999 minutes, all the ups and downs, the whys and whats and how-could-yous, all of it, just melted away.
The Raptors had a Game 7 in …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

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