Kerfoot’s out for a while because it’s about time this team faced some adversity

Kerfoot originally sustained the injury on Nov. 5 vs. Los Angeles. After Kerfoot reported ongoing discomfort while the team was in New York to face the Islanders, consultation testing determined that surgery was required to repair the facial dental fractures. (2/2) #LeafsForever
— Leafs PR (@LeafsPR) November 15, 2019
Bloody hell.
First, this sucks terribly for Kerfoot. None of that sounds like fun, and I truly hope he enjoys smoothies.
Kerfoot has performed adequately in a role that he seems to inherited by default. He hasn’t been stellar, but he’s kept the third line from sinking into the ocean, largely through the support of Ilya Mikheyev. His absence likely thrusts Jason Spezza into a full time 3C situation until his return, but honestly Spezza hasn’t been too bad and might even make a case for Mikheyev-Spezza-Kerfoot line in the post injury world.
Well, the name we seem to hearing the most of is Pierre Engvall. Engvall doesn’t require waivers so there’s no risk associated with recalling him and him not working out. He’s got the skillset to play center if needed, although at a NHL level that might be less than ideal to start. Engvall playing with Timashov …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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