Kyle Dubas’ 5 best moves during his time with the Toronto Maple Leafs

After being hired by the organization at the age of 28 back in 2014 as an assistant general manager, the Kyle Dubas era in Toronto has officially come to and end after nine years with the organization.
As we all know by now, the news broke recently that the Toronto Maple Leafs will not be extending the contract of Kyle Dubas and will now be looking elsewhere for a new general manager to take over arguably the biggest hockey market in the world with the 2023 NHL draft and free agency both just around the corner.
Whether you liked the job Kyle Dubas did throughout his five years as general manager and four years as assistant general manager or not, it’s no secret that he did some good things for this organization  — and yes, even some questionable things for this organization that at the time and even looking back at it now, were a bad idea.
What I’ll classify as a “move” in this article is simply trades, free-agent signings and even some draft picks that Dubas made. I am not counting re-signings with the players having already been part of the organization.
Before we start, let me say this, this is my top five, not yours. Yours may be a …

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Author: Joseph Zita / The Leafs Nation

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