Kyle Lowry might win this damn thing by himself

Kyle Lowry has been the East’s best point guard in the playoffs, and it might be what pushes the Raptors into the NBA Finals. A Raptors game occupying space in the palm of Kyle Lowry’s hand isn’t really a new thing. Exerting control over on court proceedings is kind of his bag. But in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals — a convincing 120-102, series-evening win for the Raptors — Lowry may have taken ownership of the game’s tenor in a personal-best time.
A brilliant off-ball relocation for a three out of a high pick-and-roll with Marc Gasol; a smooth pocket pass to Gasol who missed an easy floater; a corner three in the eye of George Hill that slayed at least a couple ghosts of 2016; a perfect trip to the line; a pacey drive-and-kick to a trailing Gasol for three; a leak-out for a layup off a Danny Green steal; and a 17-foot step back jumper over Nikola Mirotic. For a lot of guys, that would make for a decent half. For Lowry on Tuesday, though, that list detailed less than half a quarter’s work.
In the opening five minutes and 15 seconds of Game 4, the Raptors …

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Author: Sean Woodley / Raptors HQ

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