Leaflets: Life after Spezza, a youth movement, and a signing target

The Leafs gave us a little bit of news to close out last week, so we’ll start this week’s Leaflets with the end of the Spezza era:
Spezza moving on means the opportunity to change direction
Jason Spezza was an absolute treat to have on the ice for the Leafs the past few seasons, and I wish the Leafs were sending him off in a fashion that included a legitimate playoff run and that they could have helped get him to 1,000 points. Those two reasons were my entire basis for being in favour of having Spezza on ice for Toronto next season. That reasoning wasn’t really the best thing for the Maple Leafs though, as Spezza, while still adding value in the bottom six, is a bit of a square peg being forced into a round hole with a Leafs bottom six that is becoming increasingly focused on playing a tight defensive game, and has a bit more speed to it.
Spezza was much more of a tertiary scorer and someone who could join the powerplay as needed. The Leafs should still be able to find that while finding players who fit their style of bottom six hockey. Perhaps the biggest hole left by Spezza is being an affordable center opt …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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