Leafs injury updates & their trade deadline impacts

A few updates on the injury front today…
First, let’s start with the good news:

Ilya Mikheyev is baaaaaack shooting pucks. #WeAreGoldStar! pic.twitter.com/Jc70uYnAF5
— Dan Milstein-Hockey (@HockeyAgent1) February 12, 2020
Yep. That’s Ilya Mikheyev back on the ice, shooting pucks. Generally a thing someone starts to do once their wrist is nearly healed.

Keefe, on Monday, about Mikheyev: “He’s taken a step here to be on the ice. He’s still a long ways away from ever even practising let alone playing so we’re not going too carried away”
Timeline hasn’t changed & Ilya will be re-eveluated in late March (three months after injury)
— Mark Masters (@markhmasters) February 12, 2020
There’s the cold water. Getting Mikheyev back would have offered the Leafs a bit of flexibility in their lineup, as with a completely healthy forward group, Mikheyev would presently be slotting in on the 4th line at best. A sooner recovery might have made a player like Johnsson or Kapanen even more expendable at the trade deadline, but ultimately this probably doesn’t change the direction that the Leafs were planning on …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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