Leafs Lines optimized by Zodiac Sign

Stats and talent can only get you so far in sports. There’s a fundamental human factor that make sports unpredictable and exciting to watch. However, there has to be a way of predicting the human factor and optimizing the performance of the athletes working together. Enter astrology.
At no point has any NHL coach bothered to take the time to see which players are going to naturally excel together given their zodiac capability. And while I’m no coach, I’ve decided to take the challenge on for Sheldon Keefe, so he can have optimal lines this summer.
First, a breakdown of which players are compatible with each other…

The green represents the players sign, with the yellow representing compatibility through sharing either a water, earth, air, or fire sign. The white Xs represent additional compatibility. Interestingly enough there isn’t a single Aires on the Leafs, and Cody Ceci is the only Sagittarius. Perhaps that’s why he isn’t much of a fit.
It is possible to put together a Leafs lineup with four lines and three defense pairings that include compatible players on each line and each pairing.


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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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