Leafs look for a win with revamped blueline

Tonight, we find ourselves a matchup between two of the most surprising teams in the league, for completely different reasons. The Toronto Maple Leafs, as we know, have been underperforming despite the already low expectations of fans, with a 3-4-1 record and only just putting an end to a four game losing streak to the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday. On the other hand, the Detroit Red Wings have been surprising many, being a somewhat competitive team in the early going, giving a lot of good teams a scare every night. A 4-2-2 record is nothing special, but the fact that this team is doing well and maintaining good expected goals numbers is a good sign for them.
That’s what makes this a trap game of sorts. The Leafs might go into this thinking it’s the Red Wings teams of the last few years, and if they’re surprised, what we know about this team so far this year means it could get ugly for the Leafs.
That said, the Wings only loss that wasn’t a close one was their 6-1 loss to Montreal, which saw them without their leading scorer Tyler Bertuzzi, due to his …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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