Leafs look to claw back to even strength 

In the second half of a back to back the Leafs look to level the playing field with a win in Play-in Series game four. This one will be a thriller, to say the least. A loss in this game will knock the Leafs out of the Playoffs since this is a best of five series. 
Fans remain on edge after the result of the game that was less than 24 hours ago. The offense was a positive factor throughout. It had us see a first from Nick Robertson, a short-handed goal from Cody Ceci, and some amazing opportunities (even though they didn’t go in). Having said this, something we could see at the forefront of this stress is what could be called a “defensive slack” from the team, especially in the third. 

Keefe on #Leafs D: “I thought that as a team we didn’t help our defence, and our defence didn’t help itself.”
— Kristen Shilton (@kristen_shilton) August 7, 2020

It’s something Leafs fans know all too well. They get way too comfortable after achieving a nice lead. Their foot comes off the gas, play is …

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Author: Marsha Joseph / The Leafs Nation

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