Leafs look to move back into win column against Flyers

After an unfortunate and seemingly unexpected loss to the LA Kings, everyone is in a different headspace. Do we just forget this game and remember the previous five while being optimistic. Or do we take all that is to come with a grain of salt? Tonight the Leafs get ready to take on the Philadelphia Flyers.This will be their first game against the Flyers since December 3, 2019.
What do the Toronto Maple Leafs need to do differently? 
For starters, their head needs to be in the game, for all 60 minutes right at puck drop.There can’t be anymore of “we started too late,” or “we lost control in the middle of the second”. At this point it is unacceptable. How can they stay motivated? Apart from the fact that they need to remain focused and not become deflated, the Leafs need more from just about everyone else. You cannot continue to ride the coattails of the core four and co.. They will burn out and the future of the team will be up in the air. The rest of the team needs to step up and show their coaches, etc., why they are on this roster. While it is …

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Author: Marsha Joseph / The Leafs Nation

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