Leafs look to put stranglehold on division lead with series sweep over Jets

This game has all the makings for a bloodbath.
A couple of “dirty” plays from the Leafs in response have apparently sent the Jets into a bit of a frenzy, mostly noted with Paul Maurice not even giving the credit of being a tough and dirty team, just a “poorer” team, although I still don’t quite get what he means by that. Some of the Leafs took offense to that, and defended their plays, and here we are now.
That said, you probably shouldn’t go into this game expecting the Leafs to mess everyone up. Their roster makeup has always been a “make you pay by scoring” kind of team, so if the Leafs really want to follow up on that mantra, they might wanna make it a blowout. But this is also where guys like Wayne Simmonds and Nick Foligno really show their worth, so what they add to what has been an oddly chaotic series will be interesting to see.
That’s not the only note for this game, as the Leafs will look to really bury the Jets in the standings to secure first place in the division. The Leafs win, and the Jets are …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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