Leafs looking to put a stranglehold on the series

If history has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t start feeling confident about how the Leafs are doing in the playoffs. Ever. I think if the Leafs do win the Cup, it’s going to be post parade, banner raising, and names on the cup before it will feel like it’s finally over.
Still, having a three game lead on the series would feel a lot better than a tied series. Especially if the Leafs would then have two opportunities to close it out at home, that would be a nice little situation to find ourselves in. Maybe it’s too greedy to expect Toronto to take two games in Tampa, but if Jack Campbell continues to do November Jack Campbell things, it doesn’t hurt to believe a little.
At 5v5, the Leafs haven’t been the dominant team, but the good news for the Leafs is that this series isn’t being won at 5v5. Penalties are being called, and as long as the Leafs are modestly disciplined in comparison to the slow-moving buffoonery of players like Maroon, Bogosian, Killorn, and Perry, the Leafs can cost by on the powerplay and trust that with limited shorthanded opportunities, things won’t get out of control and their power kill can k …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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