Leafs need to not play into Backes’ shenanigans

For some reason, the Boston Bruins will be adding David Backes to their Game 2 lineup tonight against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs really need to not step into his wheelhouse and play the kind of game that he wants them to.
This isn’t to make healthy-scratch David Backes seem like a psychological assassin, but everyone can see that he is going to pull something early in this game to try to “get his team together/motivate his teammates”. An ugly high stick, a dirty hit, mouthing off to Nazem Kadri for some reason — Backes might try them all.
The notion that this will somehow unite his team and play better against this skilled Leafs team is pure idiocy. He might end up with a suspension, which would actually help the Bruins (because he is bad), but that wouldn’t help his team get the puck behind Frederik Andersen.
Backes is a player that just a few months ago injured Blake Coleman with a disgusting blind-sided hit to the head.

It’s in his blood. As a Bruin for the past two years, he has already been suspended a total of six games for two different instances, the Coleman …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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