Leafs players make a delicious word salad

John Tavares: “It’s been a pretty miserable couple of days.”#Leafs end-of-season media availability is underway. Players first, Dubas/Shanahan/Keefe this afternoon.
— Kristen Shilton (@kristen_shilton) August 12, 2020

If you are looking to seek comfort in anything said today you are heading down a path to disappointment. There’s hope that Keefe, Dubas, and Shanahan might provide some optimism this afternoon, but players are going to slip into cliche mode and at best let a couple of disheartening truths slip out. That was the case today. Here’s a small sampling of what was said today.

Barrie, heading for UFA: “At this point, I have no idea what the future holds.” #Leafs
— Terry Koshan (@koshtorontosun) August 12, 2020

That likely means that Barrie has his bags packed, his condo up for sale, but he’s not sure what city he’ll be pointing the moving truck in the direction of. There’s never been anything either from Barrie or the Leafs showing this relationship will continue, so goodbye Barrie.

Freddie Andersen on affects of upcoming contract season: “What I’ve learned lately is to just control what I can control.”
— Justin Cuthbert (@jccuthbert) …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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