Leafs Prospect Roundup: Král & Abramov adjusting to the AHL, Voit’s big night, Liljegren’s graduation

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Normally, the focus of these Roundups are the big names in the prospect pool like Rodion Amirov, Matthew Knies, or Topi Niemelä but for sustained organizational success, teams need to be able to harvest talent later on in the draft as well. That has been an issue for the Leafs and the Marlies in recent years due to some poor drafting but we are starting to see some of Kyle Dubas’ later-round picks join the pro ranks and make an impact at the AHL level.
On top of players like Filip Král, Mikhail Abramov, and Semyon Der-Arguchintsev who are already suiting up for the Marlies, the Leafs have a number of other mid-late round picks such as Ty Voit, Nick Abruzzese, and Ryan Tverberg who are looking like potential contributors in the next couple of years. Maintaining a steady pipeline of talent will be crucial for a team like the Leafs who are always going to be looking for surplus-value around the margins of their top-heavy NHL roster.
Filip Kral | LHD | Toronto Marlies (AHL)
Drafted in the fifth round back in 2018, Král has mostly flown under the radar the last couple of years but his recent play might change all of that. He put up solid numbers playing in the top Czech professional league last season but …

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Author: Nick Richard / The Leafs Nation

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