Leafs Third Period Results leaving a lot to be desired

It’s ten games in and with that comes the desire to create some small sample sizes graphs, and generally get yelled at about how I share numbers. It’s an important part of being on the world wide web and discussing sports.
Lately I’ve been working off the notion that despite the anger towards the Leafs over their slow starts to each game, which has been pretty darn noticeable, the Leafs have been much more prone towards end of game collapses.
Anecdotally we’ve seen this in the past two games with the Bruins coming back to tie the game in the third and force overtime, and the Blue Jackets doing the same. The hypothesis is that Mike Babcock takes his foot off the gas when it comes to offence and tries to shutdown the opposition instead. These create score effects, which instead of looking at a flaw in data, we are looking at as something that seems to be hurting the Leafs. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Leafs are being hurt by score effects, by their very nature they allow the trailing team to get back in the game, but so far they tell …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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