Let’s cool it on LTIR as a solution for “cap hell”

Thursday morning started off with an article by Frank Seravalli of TSN suggesting the Leafs could again be pursuing long term injured players as a solution to their cap situation.
It’s almost time for Toronto Maple Leafs salary cap wizard Brandon Pridham to work his magic again.
Every penny will count for the Leafs, who will be feeling the cap crunch this off-season with hockey’s loss of revenue from the COVID-19 pandemic likely to keep the cap flat at $81.5 million.
The article cites that with the end of David Clarkson and Nathan Horton’s contracts the Leafs could be pursuing replacements for them. While I don’t doubt the Leafs may again turn into a storage facility for unofficially retired players, I’m not sure that Frank is right in his assessment that the Leafs gain any cap flexibility from this.
For one, the acquisition of Horton was based on the fact that when he signed his contract with the Blue Jackets, Columbus wasn’t able to injure it because of his concussion history. The result was that his injury history reemerged and the Blue Jackets were paying out of pocket rather …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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