LGD: Can we get a Happy Ending?

Folk’s, what’s really left to say on this series. At times some players have been great and at other times they were underwhelming. Sometimes the series looked to be going the Leafs way, and at other times it looked like it Boston was dominating. We’ve had our highs and lows, and really the only constant has been the amazing play of Freddie Andersen, a magical goaltender who has taught me to love Leafs goaltending again.
We started with a best of seven series and now we’re down to a single elimination game yet again. History hasn’t been kind to the Leafs in this regard, but thankfully they’re not playing the game in the past, they’re playing in Boston, which just seems like past. The Leafs have all the talent they need to take this game, but unfortunately that is also true of Boston. And once the puck drops it doesn’t matter that the Leafs are due, and the odds favour Boston, it’s just going to be the most intense sixty minutes of hockey that a generation of Leafs fans has ever seen. A 15 year old Leafs fan has never seen the …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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