Listen, the offer sheet rumours aren’t going away, so let’s talk about the recent one here

I get it. You don’t want to hear about Mitch Marner or offer sheets or Paul Marner or Darren Dreger or frankly anything that isn’t the Leafs PR twitter account announcing a team friendly deal. All of that would be nice, but sadly it’s not the world we live in and with each new development we get a chance to restate our beliefs about how the Marner situation should be handled to any audience willing to pay attention.
I’m sure everyone in your life either real or online already knows the amount you’d be willing to sign Marner for, and when you’d let him walk for picks. They know whether you’d front load or include bonuses. They know the term you prefer and your stance on bridge contracts. We’ve all exhausted this, and are exhausted from it.
That being said, in the absence of real insiders who have retreated to their Muskoka getaways, we’ve had a flurry of information making the rounds connecting Mitch Marner to his former boss, Lou Lamoriello…

I’m hearing offer sheet coming on @Marner93
— Joey Vendetta (@RadioVendetta) July 5, 2019

No day off… new Blog after i received …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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