Looking at the legacy of Leafs legend Patrick Marleau

Patrick Marleau’s retirement announcement made me reflect on a couple of things. First, how old I truly am. Marleau was one of the few players in the league who were older than me. I am old. That truth hurts and this was yet another reminder of that.
The other thing I reflected on is far more relevant to a Leafs site, and that was Marleau’s time in Toronto. The time that would have been more fondly remembered if it wasn’t for his contract. That contract should be Lou Lamoriello’s legacy, not Patrick Marleau’s. Marleau was essentially as advertised. If the contract was 3 years totaling $6.25M instead of 3 years of a $6.25M AAV, no one would be conflicted over Marleau.
When Marleau signed, I was on vacation in Canmore, AB, ironically a sometimes home of Patrick Marleau. The news came in and while the contract warranted some pause, I found myself truly excited that Marleau was a Leaf. Marleau coming to Toronto meant a significant change in Toronto. A player who was looking to play on a cup contender decided that Toronto was the place to do it. The money was certainly also a factor, but not …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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