Looking back at the Blue Jays’ offseason spending spree of 2005

There was once a time when the Toronto Blue Jays were among the biggest spenders MLB free agency. In 2005, they emptied the tank, signed multiple high-priced free agents and acquired a few impact players to go along with them.
An offseason 14 years in the rear-view mirror, it seemed like a pertinent time to look back at the Blue Jays’ offseason spending spree of 2005. You know, the exact opposite of how the last few winters have transpired for the Blue Jays.
The 2005 offseason was headlined by two major signings by the Blue Jays: a five-year, $55M contract for A. J. Burnett and a five-year, $47 million deal for B.J. Ryan. Both deals broke records as the biggest contracts signed by a starter and reliever. That collective $102M — along with the $5M the Jays spent on free agent catchers Bengie Molina and Jason Phillips — was the most the Blue Jays have ever spent in one offseason in free agency: $107M.
During the early 2000s, the Blue Jays were among the biggest penny-pinchers in Major League Baseball. That all changed in early 2005 when Rogers Communications purchased the SkyDome and committed to inject $210M into the Blue Jays payroll over a three-year span.
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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation

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