Lose for Lafreniere? How the Toronto Maple Leafs could still possibly land the first overall pick on Monday

Back in June, the NHL conducted its first phase of this year’s draft lottery. While many teams faced the unfortunate fact that they wouldn’t be picking first overall, the most surprising result was that Team E, or a “team to be named later” won the first overall pick. But what happens now?
Well the second phase of the draft lottery is scheduled to take place on Monday night at 6 p.m. EST, and technically the Toronto Maple Leafs are still in the running for the first overall pick. The Leafs chances may be slim, but it’s still possible. Here is a breakdown of how the Leafs can have a shot at the top selection.
A quick debrief about the new format
Before I get into the Leafs’ chance at selecting the assumed first overall pick Alexis Lafreniere, I want to quickly give a refresher over how this new draft lottery works.
Phase one of the draft lottery took place on Jun. 26. Basically, the seven teams who did not qualify for the return-to-play phase were entered into three lotteries. These three lotteries were for the top three picks, ultimately to determine where …

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Author: Matthew Rodrigopulle / The Leafs Nation

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