MAIL CALL! Leafs Boy Bands, Podcasts, and whether or not to believe in this team

As I start my second week on the job as the managing editor of TLN, I felt it was important to bring back one of the staples of the blogging community, the mail bag. Well, we won’t be calling it the mail bag anymore, because there isn’t a physical bag and I don’t want to start this relationship off by lying to you. We’re going with mail call, and you can expect to see it again with some regularity on this site with different writers responding, not just my ass. We’re also going to try and branch out to themes so you can ask some of our experts about the subject matter they know best. Since I know nothing, we’ve gone a completely random mess of questions for you today.

Realistically, does our fan base go high and low too often? Do other fan bases dip and fly with every stretch run of good/poor play?
— Jordan Turtle (@jorTurtle) March 8, 2020
Let’s start off with the fact that seeking the highs and reacting to the lows are some of the best parts of sports fandom. …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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