Making sense of the Marcus Stroman situation

Is there a phrase for an elephant in the room that everyone is willing and ready to talk about at pretty much all times? Because that’s been the situation with Marcus Stroman this year.

With Major League Baseball’s trade deadline rapidly approaching, the discussion around Stroman’s future with the organization is reaching a boiling point. I think we’ve pretty much all accepted that the team’s ace is going to be dealt at the trade deadline. Stroman himself has come to terms with it.
We can argue all day and night if it’s the right idea to trade the 28-year-old starter who seems to be just entering his prime. This is a bit of a mystery box and the boat scenario with a few other wrinkles mixed in. Really, we’ll have to wait until the trade is made before we dissect whether it was a good idea to sell high on Stroman in order to add more to the farm.
The new piece of information I want to talk about is this report from Andy Martino that suggests the Blue Jays have, in fact, considered offering Stroman an extension.

Source: Blue Jays have told …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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