Malgin? The Leafs could do worse

Every year there is some bizarre out of nowhere player who runs away with the scoring title at the World Hockey Championships, and it is followed by a feverish effort from NHL GMs to bring that player into their fold. This year that player is Roman Cervenka, who had 17 points in 10 games leading the tournament. I’m just kidding, that dude is like 36. He’s not an option. We’ll move on to the next name on the list, and that is Denis Malgin (Malgin?) who had 12 points in 8 games and the next best points per game in the tournament of players who played at least 6 games.
The advantage for the Leafs is that they’ve been sending qualifying offers to Malgin, and keeping him on Toronto’s reserve list. And Malgin is still technically a restricted free agent because of that. The Leafs have the first crack at Malgin if they want him. The question is do the Leafs want him (not does your uncle who makes decisions strictly off a player’s height want him.)
Since we last saw Malgin, he’s been in the Swiss League, and he’s been a point per game player over his two seasons there. He’s still only 25 years ol …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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