Maple Leafs bracket: Who scored the goal of the year for Toronto?

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ season is over, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop talking about it. Starting tomorrow afternoon, there will be a daily poll being put out on our Twitter account that will give you the chance to vote between two goals. This poll is a part of a bracket that we have put together to try and find the best goal from the Maple Leafs’ season this year.
Out of the 315 different goals, the Toronto Maple Leafs scored this past season, there are 16 of them that were selected to be a part of this bracket to help determine which goal was the best from this season. We’re going to need everyone’s help to decide which goal was the best, and that will all start tomorrow as the first round gets underway tomorrow afternoon.
First-round matchups:
There are eight first-round matchups that include 16 total goals to start out this bracket. As the days go by and as everyone gets their vote in for which goal was their favourite, we’ll update the bracket and have an update on our Twitter as well as an article discussing what went down in the previous round which will include who advanced to the next round, what the total vote …

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Author: Joseph Zita / The Leafs Nation

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