Maple Leafs have one final chance this year to rewrite their first-round narrative

The Maple Leafs have one game left.
One game to rewrite the narrative. One game to do something they haven’t done in 18 years. One game that if they win, could change the course of this entire franchise.
When the Maple Leafs went up 3-2, Maple Leaf Square erupted. Two goals scored 26 seconds apart — it seemed like it was finally over — the curse was about to be lifted and they were about to slay the dragon that is the first round.
Then came the third period.
Everything mattered in the those final 20 minutes. Every shot block, every save, and every clearing attempt. Toronto had a chance to keep their foot on the gas, while also defending the lead.
Each fan in Maple Leaf Square held their breath every time the Lightning kept the puck in the Maple Leafs’ zone. The stress levels were getting higher and higher with the stakes of this game going up just as much. Fans were looking away from the screen and some even had tears in their eyes from time to time.
Then, one penalty was called after another — the feeling of doubt was starting to kick in. Thoughts in everyone’s minds that this game was likely going to overtime.
9:20 into the third period and …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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