Maple Leafs have two options when it comes to pursuing Philippe Myers

You can do it for the money or you can do it for the value. Choose your option.
The Maple Leafs have two options in the coming weeks — trade for or sign Philippe Myers when he eventually gets bought out from another team.
When Toronto acquired the 25-year-old in an AHL loan from Nashville, a small door opened up the possibility that he could play here in the future.
Joining the Marlies three-quarters of the way through the season, Myers was excited to play meaningful hockey rather than bouncing in and out of a lineup at the NHL level.
But now, he and his contract are at a crossroads. A couple of days ago, DailyFaceoff’s Frank Seravalli came out with a list of 25 potential trade targets in the near future. Myers was one of them listed at #10.
From Seravalli’s article:
“Scoop: Why Myers, a player who has already passed through waivers? Myers represents a unique and quirky opportunity for a cap-strapped team that can trade for him and actually create salary cap space with a buyout. Because Myers is 25 and his deal is backloaded, his buyout would result in a $616,666 credit on next season’s cap, followed by a $633,334 charge the following season.”
Either the Maple Leafs can trade for the 25-year-old and then buy him out, or they could wait and pounce on him if he gets bought out by another team.
It works either way for Toronto. The salary cap credit is great and the cap charge doesn’t …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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