Maple Leafs Post-Game #11: 5 Thoughts From Yet Another Loss to the Bruins

I’m a big Friday Night Lights guy (the show more so than the movie). It’s just darn good television, folks. You should watch it. But if you don’t, allow me to quickly sum it up for you.
FNL centres around the Dillon Panthers, a plucky high school football team locked in a never-ending quest to capture State while shouldering the pressures and responsibilities that come with playing in the heart of football-crazed Texas. Panther Pride, baby. Again, it’s darn good television.
Those beloved Panthers, funnily enough, tend to remind me of the Leafs at times. It’s uncanny.
Father figure coach who speaks purely in motivational-poster rhetoric while constantly fending off questions about his job security? Check.
Charismatic star player who appeared ready to slide into a leadership role until some off-the-field shenanigans took him down a peg, (hopefully) teaching him a valuable life lesson in the process? Check.
Quiet, devastatingly handsome loner with immaculate long and flowing hair who tries to act like he doesn’t care but never fails to show up when his team needs him the most? Check.
Baby-faced offensive weapon whose overall talent and likability balanced out his overbearing father at …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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