Maple Leafs Pregame #55: 5 things to watch for against the Ducks

We’re on the first half of a back to back and for the first time this season there isn’t any debate over whether Andersen or Hutchinson should start. Instead we’re likely to be treated to the Leafs debut of Jack Campbell, which is a pretty good reason to tune in and a pretty good reason to be excited about this game despite the Leafs losing their past two, and sitting outside a playoff spot.
Let’s talk about the playoff picture a little. The Golden Knights did the Leafs a favour by thumping the Panthers last night, and now Florida just is one point up with one game at hand. Fewer favours were done in the Wild Card race, as the Canes and Isles both won last night, and only the Flyers had the decency to implode against the Devils. That’s right, we’re 100% in scoreboard watching season, which is what we deserve after complaining about preset matchups against the Bruins for the past two years.
As for the Ducks, they lost last night in overtime to Montreal, so you can add tired to the long list of reasons why …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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