Maple Leafs Pregame vs. Canes: “Wildcard, B*tches”

Okay, so the playoff spot the Leafs are in and coveting the 3rd in the Atlantic spot, but that doesn’t mean we can completely lose sight of what is happening with the wild card race. Right now both the Leafs and Canes are sitting behind the Islanders and Blue Jackets, with the Flyers pulling comfortably up into a Metropolitan playoff spot on the strength of their win over the Jets earlier today. A win for the Leafs puts them not only in much better shape in the Atlantic, but their safety school of a wild card spot starts looking more secure if they win tonight as well.
The Blue Jackets have a game against Nashville and the Panthers are playing the Golden Knights, so there is definitely some scoreboard watching happening, which should make these final 20 games incredibly fun* (*anxiety fuelled).
If the playoff race isn’t your cup of tea (then WTF is wrong with you?) it’s also the Leafs last game before the trade deadline on Monday. I doubt we’ll see any Leafs held of play tonight, as nothing seems like it has progressed to the imminent stages with Toronto, but …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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