Marlies and Me: Alex Steeves continues to impress early in first pro season

Last week, it was “Meet Alex Steeves.” This week, it’s all about Steeves, again.
Since I’ve started covering the Toronto Marlies, one of the things I’ve discovered is just how hard the AHL is. Some players come into the league and make an impact right away, and others may not. The key is to keep being consistent, which is challenging in the AHL.
Not Steeves, though.
If you remember from last week, Steeves spoke about how he wanted to return and “dominate.” In my honest opinion, I thought he would’ve cooled off by now. Yet here we are, four games into his first pro season, and he has five goals and one assist. He’s played incredibly well.
The week
It started with a few practices before the Marlies headed on their first American road trip since the pandemic began. Toronto played back-to-backs in Rochester and then Utica.
One of the most striking notes was regarding the Leafs and their decision to call up Joseph Woll instead of Michael Hutchinson. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but it seems like the organization is high on Woll, and they want to give him a …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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