Marner negotiations “to go beyond July 1st”, expected to visit other teams

One of the most important summers in recent memory for the Leafs is steadily approaching. Mitch Marner needs a new contract and rumours are already swirling as to what this offseason will look like.

Dreger says on TSN1050 that he expects Marner’s camp to take negotiations beyond July 1st.
He says he expects the Marner to visit teams starting June 26 in the RFA offersheet interview period.
Dreger says the Leafs will have to make an aggressive offer: 10+,10.5+,11+
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Appearing on TSN1050 on Tuesday afternoon, Darren Dreger said that he expects the contract negotiations for one of the Leafs’ star players will go beyond July 1st. Even to go as far as that the player will be meeting with other interested teams around the league and discussing a potential offer sheet.
Because of this, if the Leafs want to sign Marner before the interviews start, they will have to make an enticing offer of a salary above $10-million. Potentially ruining their cap structure to sign the forward before he’s able to talk to other teams.
Dreger also added later that he would personally be surprised if Marner signed anything over five years — meaning that he …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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