Marner Watch Update: Basically the Same as the Last One

What else is there left to say on this, honestly?
While taking in some World Junior Showcase action over the weekend, as most GMs are want to do, Kyle Dubas sat down with TSN’s Tessa Bonhomme to cover a myriad of topics pertaining to the Leafs. That’s perfectly fine, right? I mean, we’re deep into the dead months of the summer, absolutely nothing of consequence is happening, and yet everyone (ourselves included) still needs that sweet, sweet content.
So, let’s just talk some puck!
It was never meant to be that simple, of course. Roughly three minutes in, the conversation quickly and inevitably shifted over to everyone’s favourite well-tread topic of Mitch Marner, focusing entirely on the 21-year-old’s ongoing contract talks with Dubas and the Maple Leafs that now appear destined to drag on continuously until the sun envelops the earth and extinguishes all human life.
On the bright side, though, at least we won’t have to talk about this nonsense anymore when that happens. We’ll all be dead.
In providing an “update” on his discussions with Mitch himself Darren Ferris and Paul Marner, Dubas managed to reaffirm more or less exactly …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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