Max Domi is obsessed with the Leafs, a team he definitely doesn’t think about every single day

Max Domi has the connection through his father to Toronto and the Leafs organization, but that’s it. Other than that, he continues to talk about this apparent rivalry that hasn’t existed for multiple years.
It continued at the BioSteel Camp that happened on Monday. As reporters asked him around in the scrum about various topics, but stuck on the difference between Toronto and Montreal, namely the fans.

Domi doesn’t think Toronto fans come close to Montreal’s: ‘It’s a whole other level’. VIDEO:
— TSN (@TSN_Sports) August 26, 2019

Although some of it is forced by some questions, Domi definitely wants to get some sort of controversy when it comes to the connection between him and Leafs fans. It feels like some forced narrative that the winger wants to create — ham-fist some storyline into his career as a member of the Canadiens.
He had his shit-eating grin on while discussing the number of Stanley Cups that Montreal has won. But damn, wouldn’t it be more fair to talk about the number of championships that weren’t won when any player born anywhere near Montreal was forced to play for them?
Cup-counting …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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