Mitch Marner could learn a lot playing in Switzerland

Halfway through some entry-level positions at any corporation, there’s sometimes a period where the employee is given an opportunity to work somewhere else and learn from a different perspective.
It could be taken as a break from your normal work schedule, or it could be an eye-opening experience that will grant the employee new understanding and get to know their position inside and out. Really get to the root of their career and envelop themselves inside the occupation.
They can then return and come into their role with newfound appreciation for their daily grind and have new enthusiasm for the role.
What I’m saying is, @Mitch Marner should go to Switzerland for a sabbatical.

Marner is reportedly in talks to play for the Zurich Lions of the Swiss League, so let’s laugh about it
— The Leafs Nation (@TLNdc) August 20, 2019

There’s a possibility that what he gains in experience over in Europe is priceless — going through the Alps every single day to work with a lower-grade of teammates, trying to win some games with a little more load on his own shoulders.
Whether or not one believes that it was @John Tavares …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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