Mitch Marner is still elite, even if it doesn’t look that way

There has been a swell of vitriol growing around Mitchell Marner. Who could blame anyone for being frustrated that the team’s supposed best player is not living up to the expectations?
Especially when he basically set those expectations for himself with the very public contract negotiation where he was clearly demanding to be paid like a star — like his teammate, Auston Matthews, who is verifiably a star.
The problem with public negotiation is that it can be thrown back in your face when you’re not playing your best. The case that Marner and his agent, Darren Ferris, were making was so abundantly obvious that there wasn’t room for interpretation: they wanted what Matthews got.
While what’s past is in the past, and we have to remember that the player probably isn’t involved in everything the agent puts out there, Marner and the Leafs now have to live with the fact that he’s a $10M player, above the ranks of similar top tier wingers that signed around that time, like Sebastian Aho, Mikko Rantanen and Mark Stone.
Watching his uninspired play in the COVID lockdown series, where the Leafs technically didn’t make the playoffs, …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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