Mitch Marner should get every million he’s worth, just not from the Leafs

In the rotating carousel of what should be on the mind of every Leafs fan, recently it has been what forward Mitch Marner is really worth and what his new contract should or could look like.
From reports of somewhere near or even above what Auston Matthews got ($11.34-million AAV), to the Leafs wanting him to come around the Mark Stone/Nikita Kucherov $9.5-million AAV — there have been a somewhat wide array in the upper echelon of where he will eventually end up.
But as it’s becoming more apparent through recent contract signings in the NHL and other leagues elsewhere, the players are gaining more power of how much they should make and it’s perfect.
This system is build this way anyways. Besides the main reason of the salary cap, restricting the ability to just sign countless players to more money, it puts an emphasis on player movement because of the inability to fit everyone under the ceiling.
Each and every player has earned the right to make as much money as they can in their industry. Just like any other employee or worker, you move to the employer that is offering the best package — if that means …

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Author: Thomas Williams / The Leafs Nation

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